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             Nina Davis



The Davis potting tradition is still very much alive in New Zealand.

Nina Davis

Nina Davis Pottery
145 Teal Valley Road
Hira, Nelson 7071, New Zealand

Phone: +64 (03) 5450278

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A Nina Davis bowl - 17cm wide by 5.5cm deep - Iron and cobalt decoration

Nina Davis, Harry and May's eldest daughter, has a small pottery at Hira, near Nelson, where as shown here, she makes pots in her own style.

Another recent Nina Davis bowl

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Nina was born in January 1946 in Buenos Aries, Argentina - just before the Davis family returned to England.

She spent her early childhood at Crowan and (somewhat unwillingly) moved with her parents to New Zealand in 1962. After University at Christchurch she trained with Harry Davis at Crewenna, before going to the UK to broaden her potting experience.

She worked with Peter Dick at Coxwold Pottery in Yorkshire for part of 1968 and 69, and then moved to Winchcombe Pottery to work with the Finch family. She stayed at Winchcombe until 1971, before returning to New Zealand to work at Crewenna with her parents. According to May's autobiography, Harry said "she was the only person whose work he never needed to check as she was painstakingly thorough and her brushwork on the pots was first class"

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When her parents closed Crewenna and went to Peru, Nina hitch hiked around the Pacific and South America, and then spent over a year working at their Izcuchaca project in Peru. Between 1975 and 1978 she worked again with Ray Finch at Winchcombe in Somerset, England.

In 1976, while at Winchcombe Pottery, Nina made this cartoon sketch of the team, which is still used in their promotional literature.

Peter Fletcher is at the back in the kiln, Sidney Tustin, Eddie Hopkins*, Mike Finch and Molly Jones are in the middle row, with Ray Finch hiding behind a cider jar and smoking the place out.

Nina herself is kneeling in the front with the pottery cat.

At Winchcombe Nina was especially known for her painted decoration of their pottery range.

* Tragically, Eddie Hopkins died from  complications after injuries received during the flooding of Winchcombe earlier in 2007. He will be greatly missed.



After Winchcombe, Nina married and returned to New Zealand, where she runs her pottery just 5 miles from Crewenna.

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