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Handcraft Pottery Whence and Whither

The text written in April1984 for Harry Davis' lecture to the CPA (Craft Potters' Association) in 1984.
Published in The Studio Potter in Dec 1984 (Vol. 13. No 1) and Ceramic Review 93 May/Jun 1985.

An Historical Review of Art, Commerce and Craftsmanship

Text of a lecture given by Harry Davis between 1968 and 1970 at the:-
Commonwealth Institute, London.
     Den Permanente, Copenhagen.
     Suter Art Gallery, Nelson.
     The University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Art Identity and Anonymity

A paper by Harry Davis published by the Potters' Society of Australia in the Spring 1972  edition of Pottery in Australia (Vol. 11. No. 2).

The Potters Alternative

The introduction to Harry Davis' book, The Potters Alternative, gives a good indication of how he viewed the Studio Pottery movement, as 'led' by Bernard Leach. Although he used the design style he formed at the Leach Pottery for the rest of his working life, he had no time for the artistic 'posing' that went on there.

Glazes and Pigments

Also from The Potters Alternative, this gives an idea of the materials Harry Davis used to achieve the very distinctive glazes and colours of Crowan and Crewenna pots.